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The team is still offering class every Sunday at 9am. Class is located at:

BioFitness NYC

244 East E 84th Street

New York, NY

Exciting news from last week. TAP has partnered with Active Plus in New York. On June 20th TAP will be leading a group of young people from NYC up into the Hudson Highlands. Breakneck Ridge is a mountain along the Hudson River between Beacon and Cold Springs. Active Plus is an organization founded by two former college athletes that aim to inspire, motivate, and educate people of all ages. Their mission is to change lives by providing kids access to health and fitness education. Active Plus is a registered not for profit organization.

TAP has also been invited back to speak at New York State Assembly for Health Education and Fitness on March 4th. The team will be traveling to Cooperstown, NY to share their story and teach kids how to climb some mountains of their own. The event sold out last week and we expect to teach and share with over 500 students, health educators, and coaches from New York State.

TAP will also be speaking at REI Norwalk CT May 5th telling the story of the Unsupported Fastest Known Time set by team members Mike Jock and Lukas Wear this past summer. The guys will share their journey of persistence, self exploration, and what it took to accomplish something so impressive.

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Mike King
Mike King
02 févr. 2020

Yes. I’ll be there


Is class still on for tomorrow am?

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