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The Team will be leading it's much anticipated Camp I Am. This will be something different than what is being currently offered in the form of a wrestling camp. If you trained with us before you know what you're getting.

This camp incorporates experimental conditioning, technical work, hard drilling and live wrestling.


The athletes will focus primarily on their inner and outward growth. They will learn various techniques that have helped coach Ronnie Hepner, Nate Tomasello and Mike King win not only on the mat but in life. Through an application process, kids will be placed in camp according to weight and experience level which will make for the ideal learning environment.  


At Camp I Am, the athletes will not simply show up and wrestle. At the beginning of each day, the kids will asked to contemplate, read and write about everything they have covered during camp. This gives the kids the repetition required to develop a championship routine.


Each evening session will be dedicated to live wrestling. Here the kids will get anywhere from 8-12 matches with different partners.  


The idea here is to increase overall body control, awareness, flexibility, and strength. We should constantly be striving to become the best athletes we can be inside and out. 




WHEN: July 29-31st, 2022



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